We make safety a top priority. What follows is an overview of what you can expect from Us, and what we must expect from You.

As this pandemic evolves, we hope that these additional measures will prove to be temporary, but until a higher level of certainty is established, your co-operation is deeply appreciated.
Let's all work together to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Masks are to be worn at all times by both clients and practitioners. If you have a medical condition that prohibits you from wearing a face mask please discuss this with your therapist when you

schedule your appointment. Please be prepared to present your doctor's note.



In compliance with regulations as set forth by the state of Connecticut, we are unable to grant access to our waiting area at this time. If someone else has driven you to your appointment, they should plan to either wait in the car or return to pick you up. Upon arrival, please remain in your car. Call or text your practitioner to let them know you have arrived for your appointment. If you do not have the ability to phone or text from your car, please indicate this to your practitioner at the time you shcedule your appointment. When your treatment room is ready, your practitioner will greet you at the exterior door of the building. Your face mask must already be in place.  

At your first appointment after June 17, 2020 you will be asked to read and sign a waiver of liability which you can preview hereAt the beginning of every appointment, before being admitted into the treatment areas, your temperature will be taken and you will be asked a few health-screening questions. If you do not present with indications of illness, your appointment may proceed. If you do present with symptoms, you will need to re-schedule your appointment for at least fourteen days hence.

Once in the outer office area, you will have the opportunity to use the restroom prior to your session. Whether you use the restroom or not, you must wash your hands prior to entering the treatment rooms.

Once inside the treatment room, payment for your session should be made prior to the beginning of any hands-on work.

Clients should place all clothing in the provided bins. Please do not bring non-essential items with you (laptops, tote bags, store purchases, etc.)

Clients must use hand sanitizer before lying on the treatment table.

Masks are to be worn at all times by both clients and practitioners.

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